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[09 Jul 2005|11:21pm]
Just went to the Video Game Exchange today, and it's really an amazing store (if a bit overpriced). They've got literally tens of thousands of games. I picked up Stretch Panic ($12 new) and Silhouette Mirage ($19 used, which I got, as opposed to $25 new).

But holy fuck, Stretch Panic is even stranger than I originally thought.
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[24 Jun 2005|03:45pm]
Found this really cool low-resource "sticky" note program called ShirusuPad that, even though still in beta form, is quite usable.
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[15 Jun 2005|11:17pm]
New fancy-shmancy banner I made for use on various message boards.

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[04 Jun 2005|04:15pm]
We had a yard sale, and practically everything that didn't get sold had to be thrown out. I objected, but we did it anyway. Tons of books, a nice grill, a microscope, tons of cups and glasses; all thrown out. :(
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[03 Jun 2005|07:45pm]
Rune of the Gate
Which Suikoden True Rune Are You Compatible With?

brought to you by Quizilla

Interesting quiz. Too bad it hasn't been updated for more recent games.
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[21 May 2005|07:16pm]
Saw Star Wars Episode III last night. Much better than I expected, and a great way to end the series (or to complete it, rather). The only problem is that I forgot to use the bathroom before the movie, so I was very much in pain by the end and had trouble walking. Probably one of the stupidest things I've done in awhile.
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[12 May 2005|10:26pm]
I updated my website, but I still have no real content yet. I just made it look a little prettier. I don't know what I'm going to focus on specifically, but I'm thinking of putting some of my artwork on it (maybe only the digital stuff, though).
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[25 Apr 2005|04:22pm]
I went to a charity event the other night to see the Danvers police play some former and current NE Patriots in basketball. I'm not a huge fan of the Patriots, but at least I recognized a couple of them. I didn't stay for the whole thing, though... I left at halftime with my dad because the players were signing autographs, and we figured it'd take awhile.

And Opera 8 came out! I'm such a geek to be excited over a new web browser coming out. But whatever.
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[05 Mar 2005|04:40pm]
WTF happened to Mininova??? I really hope it hasn't gone the way of Suprnova...
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[04 Mar 2005|03:55pm]
Am I the only one who thinks this blunder on NBC Nightly News with the Judge of Saddam Hussien is a big deal? The only place I heard about it was on the Daily Show, of all places. Why isn't this getting the same media attention that Dan Rather got with the forged documents scandal?
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[14 Nov 2004|10:07pm]
I really can't wait any longer... Opera 7.60 p3 just came out, but I just want the final to be realeased. Anyone who's seen the changes made from 7.54 to 7.60 should be just as excited as I am. I know it's just a browser, but it's the best one there is.
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[03 Nov 2004|11:27am]
That's it, I'm literally not going to be able to live through four more years of Bush. I mean, FUCK, I didn't expect this. I find Kerry too conservative for me, so can you imagine how I feel about Bush (or just about any Republican)?

So next year, instead of going to New Hampshire with the rest of my family, I think I'm going to go to Canada. I've been there many times, so I know what it's like.
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[21 Oct 2004|09:20am]
I am so pissed right now. I watched the game last night, and afterward was hoping to watch Conan, especially because Triumph was supposed to be on. But for SOME RESON the local news found it more necessary to show Red Sox fans going crazy in the streets. Now I have no way to see it; I'm pretty sure Comedy Central reruns the show only during the summer.
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[15 Oct 2004|10:04pm]
It doesn't take long for things to travel around the Web; there're already websites hosting today's Crossfire program.

Torrent can be found here:
WMV can be found here:

I am SO glad I watched the show today.
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[15 Oct 2004|05:00pm]
I just watched the best Crossfire ever. Jon Stewart really knows how to insult people, let me tell you.
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[19 Sep 2004|02:11pm]

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[19 Sep 2004|01:57pm]
I played Fable the other day; all I can say is that it's incredible. I seriously would buy an XBox just for this game if I had the money, it's that good.
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[31 Aug 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

You know what I'd like? A search engine that only searches the small sites on the Internet; you know, the ones that ordinary people make. If I search for "Suikoden," I don't want sites like,, or No I want sites that are small and mainly dedicated to what I'm searching for.

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[19 Aug 2004|10:35am]
The ability to restore to an earlier point in WinXP is a godsend. :)
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[16 Aug 2004|10:23am]
Fuck. I've got a trojan virus, and I have no idea how I got it. How could this happen when I use Opera? This kind of stuff isn't supposed to happen.

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